Sometimes, having conversations feels too hard. 

Innocent comments seem to end in offence being taken, people don't feel listened to, and members of the conversation can be left frustrated, hurt and, in a way, suffering. Not only that, but additional effort hen has be put into "mopping up" after the conversation.

How can we change this?

We can't change how other people behave in our conversations, regardless of how difficult or obnoxious we might feel the other members of the conversation are being. 

We can change how we are seeing the conversation, and we can change our behaviours. This can, in turn, bring about shifts in the behaviours of others. This can be useful, because it helps our conversations to occur with less suffering and waste

Great. So what does this course give me?

This FREE course offers, through a number of 1-4 minute audio recordings, some ideas for looking at our conversations differently. It is aimed at providing a different perspective, and different ways at taking action in conversation. It is a taste of what we have to offer, aimed at introducing some distinctions that can really help us to consciously choose the actions that we take in response to our conversations with others.

You are invited to give it a go. It's Free.

With thanks,

Deanne Duncombe,
Coach and Facilitator
Leading and Being

Course curriculum

  • 1

    FREE! Effective Conversations

    • Welcome!

    • Recording 1 - Checking our Conversational Mindset

    • Recording 2 - Checking our Stories

    • Recording 3 - Noticing our Interpretations

    • Recording 4 - Speaking to the Needs of Others

    • Recording 5 - Noticing our Emotions

    • Recording 6 - Deliberately Choosing our Actions

    • Download - Effective Conversations for Life Checklist

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